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General information

Situated in a sleepy valley of the river Kosteljina, the beauty of which is jealously guarded by the surrounding hills covered in lush woods, Krapinske Toplice (Krapina Spa) will welcome you with open arms. The valley opens up to the south, which ensures a pleasant climate with an average of 19 °C in summer and 2 °C in winter
Both guests and local inhabitants can indulge themselves each day in thermal water laden with calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbonates in temperatures of 40 – 45 degrees. And, nestled in the heart of the valley, at 160 m above sea-level, is the town of Krapinske Toplice, which boasts with three renowned hospitals:

  1. The Krapinske Toplice specialty hospital for medical rehabilitation, founded in 1956 as a hospital ward for rheumatism and orthopaedic rehabilitation (although its beginnings date back to the Badl period),
  2. “Magdalena”, hospital for cardiology and cardiovascular surgery (founded in 1996)
  3. “Akromion”, hospital for orthopaedics and traumatology (2008.).

In addition to these hospitals, the town is the home of the Internal Medicine Health Centre “Vita” (2006), and wellness and healthcare services are offered at both town hotels:

  1. “Toplice Hotel”
  2. Villa Magdalena

Krapinske Toplice is only a pleasant 40 minute drive from Zagreb…