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Interesting facts

Count Ziga

During the 18th century, many manors and castles were built in the area. These manors and castles – Lovreća sela, Trnovec, Klokovec, Čret – were centres of rich social life. Particularly lively was the Cret Castle, then owned by Count Ziga Palfy, a Home-Guard and Hussar Colonel, who built a new and more spacious castle at the site of the old manor. Count Ziga lived a life of debauchery, going from one party to the next in Vienna and Pest, while his god-fearing wife, Countess Jenny, spent her days in isolation and silent prayer.

When coming to the castle, the Count would always announce his arrival to an estate steward so that the Countess would be able to leave before the Count's return in the company of actresses and singers of the Pest theatre and many musicians. Countess Jenny would come back only after the Count's departure, first making a stop at a little chapel to say a prayer and light a candle for her debauched husband.

Reconciliation of Starcevic and Strossmayer

It was precisely in the country atmosphere of Krapinske Toplice that on 19 June 1893 the fierce political rivalry between the two most notable politicians of the time – Dr. Josip Juraj Strossmayer and Dr. Ante Starcevic – was settled in peace. The two great men that dedicated their lives to the fight for a better and free Croatia met in the home of the parish priest Ivan Rukavina Jr. The news of the reconciliation was published in national and very soon in international press, so after only a few days 151 telegrams of congratulations were received.

Esterhazy's gazebo

When the Most Reverend Bishop Esterhazy came to take a bath in Krapinske Toplice, the baths were of too low a standard for such an eminent guest. A gazebo made of branches was quickly put up so that the bishop could change and prepare for the bath in privacy. It was the first changing room in the bathing complex.

TOPLICE TRAIL RING a unique system of walking trails that like a ring encircle Krapinske Toplice. Leading over picturesque hills and through vineyards, groves and grasslands, these walking trails enable direct contact with nature, reveal new views and literally unfold a fairytale.
The trails are well marked using a special system. Each crossroad provides information about the trail difficulty and average distance from the town centre. The trails are also unique in that they are medically “calibrated”. They are divided into three categories of difficulty:

  1. recreational
  2. medical
  3. trim trails

Aerobic exercises with the right amount of walking along programmed trails and adequate physical activity will not only make you more fit but will also strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increase bone density, provide better sleep and give a slimmer figure and more pronounced muscles.