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Places of worship

Parish Church of the Holy Trinity

The construction of today's pride of the town, the landscape dominating parish church, began in 1829. It was built in the style of the late Baroque period, at the site of a previous wooden church mentioned as early as 1676.
The present-day church takes great pride in its widely known pipe organs, built by Leonhard Ebner, a pipe organ builder from Tyrol. With their powerful yet sophisticated sound, they attract many exquisite organists.

The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene

With the help of the inheritance left by Gustav Ožegovic, on a steep hill towering over the town like a strong guard, the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene was built in 1877. The Chapel is built in the style of late Baroque, while the altar is Neo-Gothic with a Baroque statue of St. Helen.

The Chapel was built with the funds bequeathed by Gustava Ožegović, the owner of the Klokovec Castle. He and his wife are buried in the left, probably later added, part of the Chapel.
Today, the Chapel is a peaceful oasis that offers breath-taking views to its many visitors.

The Chapel of St. Anthony

The Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua on Hršak Hill is mentioned in a canonical visitation from 1676 as a “recently built wooden church”. However, the present-day chapel was built in 1899 with donations from parishioners during the tenure of office of parish priest Ivan Rukavina and represents a finely built specimen of Historicist architecture.

The Chapel of St. Nicolas

The construction of this octagonal chapel was commissioned in the first half of the 19th century by Nikola Valicic of Zagreb. Unfortunately, after he sold his manor and estate, the chapel was neglected and was left in disrepair until 2007, when the new owner completely revamped it, giving it new life.